Hints and Tips

Looking for some advice, hints & tips about our products?

Your Coup de pates products need to be perfect, everytime. That’s why we’re always on-hand to make sure you get the preparation and baking spot on. We all welcome great ideas, and like to share our hints and tips. Our Chefs are no different!

Here is some helpful preparation advice from our chefs. 


Baking hints & tips for the best viennoiseries

We’ve developed our Viennoiserie to be baked from frozen. But you can also defrost them at room temperature – for no more than 20 minutes – then bake for 14-18 minutes.

For wonderfully flaky croissants, allow them to cool for 10-15 minutes after baking. This allows the butter layers to set.

Our Viennoiserie is perfect fresh from the oven. But to make them really stand out, we recommend giving them a dusting of icing.


Baking hints & tips for perfect pastry

Always bake using the paper case provided.

Only lightly bake the pastry before adding your choice of filling to avoid burning.

Glaze your pastry to enhance its appeal – and extend its shelf life. Remember, you can thin our Apricot Glaze with 25% water – it will be easier to apply and last longer!