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This Business Builder has been designed as a helpful guide to our Pub and Restaurant specific products. The range has been handpicked by our expert chefs and bakers, who have utilised their wealth of experience working with the catering industry. These items have also been methodically split into day part offerings, to help our customers create an exciting menu that can deliver throughout the whole day.

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In addition, we have suggested a number of exciting uses for our products, highlighting their versatility and adaptability. Our customers have found these suggestions particularly useful, as they spark a broad range of ideas for creating different menu offerings.

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What’s more, in order to deliver a full solution, we have researched industry insights from top institutions such as Mintel and Allegra, helping us to provide future food trends and suggested upcoming flavours.

A trend that has been on the rise recently is that of ‘sharing’. Sharing platters or mixed plates offering the consumer a little bit of everything has become the ‘to do’ thing because people like variety.

We can also see this trend move into the drinks segment with many outlets offering smaller taster ale boards and martini selections commonly known a drink ‘flight’. This trend shows no signs of stopping or slowing down so why not get involved and change it up a little by offering something less traditional with exciting flavour profiles.

Another major area to be mindful of is the third wave artisanal coffee shop trend sweeping the nation. The quality of coffee is being scrutinised as more and more people are after the best of the best. Pubs have always been a great location for groups of people to meet and greet so you should be looking to take a share of this coffee wave and even pair this with an exciting food offering such as afternoon tea or lighter bites that are great with coffees.

Also desserts are a big trend especially with pudding only bars opening within London. Mixing the pudding and sharing trends could make for a good offering – especially with ‘good for you’ conscious people not wanting to over indulge. This way, people can have a little taste to satisfy their sweet craving whilst not over eating. Alternatively, putting on a dessert night special with different sweet treats could entice the pudding hungry consumer and create a talking point.*

*Source - Mintel & Allegra

Listed below are just some of our products suitable for cafes, sectioned by category

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