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This Hotel Business Builder has been designed as a helpful guide to our Hotel specific products. The range has been handpicked by our expert chefs and bakers, who have utilised their wealth of experience working with the catering industry. These items have also been methodically split into day part offerings, to help our customers create an exciting menu that can deliver throughout the whole day.

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In addition, we have suggested a number of exciting uses for our products, highlighting their versatility and adaptability. Our customers have found these suggestions particularly useful, as they spark a broad range of ideas for creating different menu offerings.

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What’s more, in order to deliver a full solution, we have included industry insights from top institutions such as Mintel and Allegra, helping us to provide future food trends and suggested upcoming flavours.

All catering sectors face numerous challenges but none more so than the hotel caterers. All caterers need to be aware of the current importance of healthy eating options, locally sourced produce and the rise in gluten free products - but hotel caterers also have the added concern that nearly 6 in 10 people believe hotel restaurants to be more expensive than their high street equivalents. Considering the economic climate at the moment, this makes for uneasy decisions by hotel caterers.

What’s more, hotels can be stereotyped as purely ‘formal’ locations instantly restricting their opportunity to offer a more casual dining experience. In this case, hotel restaurants will find their strengths in traditional culinary trends.

A big opportunity for hotels is the empty space in the entrances and reception, here we highly recommend offering services such as Wi-Fi to entice the businessman type of clientel to work, and hopefully stay around, to purchase coffees or snacks from the bar. These are great locations for business meetings so catering for such activity would be very beneficial.

A recent movement to hit the UK is that of ‘Afternoon Tea’. This is rich in British heritage and sits extremely well within the hotel sector. Whilst this is an area that hoteliers need to get involved in, they also need to think ‘smart’ about their approach and offer something a little different. A theme, heightened elegance, or a unique inspiration would really entice the consumer.

Another area to benefit from is the ‘late night eaters’ maybe those who’ve had a night out and want something quick and easy to eat. Products that are hand held would be great for these consumers.

Listed below are just some of our products suitable for cafes, sectioned by category

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