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This Café Business Builder has been designed as a helpful guide to our Cafe specific products. The range has been handpicked by our expert chefs and bakers, who have utilised their wealth of experience working with the Café trade. These items have also been methodically split into day part offerings, to help our customers create an exciting menu that can deliver throughout the whole day.

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In addition, we have suggested a number of exciting uses for our products, highlighting their versatility and adaptability. Our customers have found these suggestions particularly useful, as they spark a broad range of ideas for creating different menu offerings.

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What’s more, in order to deliver a full Café solution, we have researched Industry insights from top institutions such as Mintel and Allegra, helping us to provide future food trends and suggested upcoming flavours.               

Research shows that hot rolls/sandwiches and cooked foods are the favoured breakfast choices when eating out of home with almost half of consumers choosing these options. However, that’s not to say you should solely offer this range when putting together your menus as there are 4 key consumers that you need to be aware of in order to maximise sales.

Consumers in the power food segment are those who want a big hearty breakfast. These customers will mainly be your labourers and tradesmen who have a physically demanding job. The traditional breakfast and hot sandwiches would be the preferred offering in this instance.

The food to go section refers to those consumers in a rush with limited time. These customers will opt for items that are easy to eat on the go. Convenience is critical so good packaging options is a must. Hand held sandwiches, wrap, cereal bars and slices would be best suited to these people.

2014 has been a year of ‘Fresh & Healthy’ with rising health awareness through government initiatives such as ‘5 a day’. Therefore there has been a rise in healthier food offerings for those health conscious consumers. Smoothies/juices, malted loaves and Gluten Free products are important to these customers.

There will always be those super indulgent treat moments where customers put their daily routines aside and treat themselves. These customers are looking for something a little more premiumised and are willing to pay that little bit extra.

Other mega trends to be aware of are: Informality, Provenance and Value. 

Finding the perfect balance, depending on your clientele, is extremely important to maximising sales so be sure to carefully select your menu to suit.*                                                  

*Source - Mintel & Allegra

Listed below are just some of our products suitable for cafes, sectioned by category


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