Need additional support?

We’re always here, ready to go the extra mile. With our expert team of sales representatives and chefs we can offer you the very best advice and additional support. Our services cover:

Product guidance

Developing the right offer, price and display are all key to winning business. We provide our support and guidance around the right product range that’s perfect for your business. See our Business Builders hot list.

Support when its needed

We want every one of our products to be perfect, every time. That’s why we’re on-hand to help, offering our customers additional support on the best ways to prepare and bake our products.

What’s more, we can even provide assistance with onsite training, handbooks and useful hints & tips – find out more.


Your equipment

We’ll provide advice and recommendations to make sure you are equipped to stock and prepare our products. Whether it’s the best oven to get a best bake. Or the ideal display unit to make your products shine.

Above all, we want to see your business thrive – so whenever you need a little additional support, just get in touch.