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Viennoiserie - Beurre d'Isigny AOP

Never compromising on quality, our Beurre d’Isigny AOP range of Viennoiserie has always been a chef’s favourite.

Made with butter from the famous Isigny Sainte-Mère region in France, these perfectly separated, butter–cup golden layers of indulgent flaky puff pastry, simply melt in the mouth and delivers on taste everytime.

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Quiche is a firm favourite.

The rich savoury custard made with fresh eggs, cream and cheese is a canvas for the main ingredients of meat or vegetables; encased in an open-faced, buttery-crisp, shortcrust pastry offering very little resistance when bitten, is what defines our quiche.. and is probably why they are enjoyed so much across the continent!

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Mini Macaroons

A true french classic.

Delicately balanced, ever-so-slightly chewy yet melt-in-your mouth sweet, pillow-soft almond sandwich biscuits. The Macaroon is not just beautiful to look at but also fun to eat. They are great for using as decoration for Patisserie or as the centrepeice of a dessert.

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A Patisserie shop classic.

For many, the iconic oblong choux; a light and airy puff pastry also used to make profiteroles and beignets, traditionally filled with vanilla or chocolate cream and glazed with chocolate, embodies the essence of French patisserie and serious indulgence across the world.

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Puff Pastry

There are few things tastier than a well made puff pastry.

That sweet buttery taste balanced with the delicate layers of pastry, combine beautifully for an exquisite flaky finish. Made with quality French flour and 33% Isigny Sainte-Mère® butter, our award winning Beurre d’Isigny AOP Puff Pastry Sheets are a neutral flavour for sweet or savoury products with great timesaving advantages. Perfect for the chef that seeks excellence from their ingredients.

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The traditional Italian classic made with passion and flare.

It is the slightly crisp crust, deliciously tender and airy crumb made from olive oil and ciabatta wheat flour that makes this long-standing favourite a true stand-out, versatile product, for all bread lovers.

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