Consumer Trends

Coup de pates sets out the Big Trends for 2016

 Written by Mariam French - Head of Marketing & Product Development

Consumer approach to food - Food Arrogance, be gone

Gone are the days that you had to re-mortgage your house to enjoy fresh, great tasting food made with quality ingredients.

Although some consumers still choose to celebrate special occasions in fine dining establishments, it is not unusual to see couples and families “bibbed up” and ready for a Burger & Lobster combo, slurping on a steaming bowl of Ramen or tucking into their KFC (Korean Fried Chicken).

With the growth of these fast casual chains offering affordable meals for £10 and under, accessibility to good food has increased, and this veil of exclusivity has disappeared. Whether it be eating from a street kart, shopping from ALDI/LIDL, consumers now care less about “where” they eat, and more about the “quality” of food and experience they receive.

Menu Trends - 'Dirrrty' French

French gastronomy has always been well regarded as some of the most influential cuisines in food history, being used commonly in culinary education.

In 2010, UNESCO added it to the “intangible cultural heritage” list. French food is often associated with traditional haute or nouvelle cuisine, however recently we have recently spotted some modern French twists and influences on the scene!

From the brioche bun re-defining a classic burger, modern concepts such as Café Pistou in Farringdon, Ham & Cheese toasties getting a total makeover with large slabs of sourdough and even a Provencal classic Pissaladiere making an appearance on London menus – we suspect this is only the beginning of a French food revival, executed in a modern way. 

Menu Trends – Sourdough is mainstream

If you wanted a complex loaf of long fermented sourdough loaf 10 years ago, you would have to hunt down your nearest premium delicatessen.

In today’s world, availability is far greater with the number of artisan bakers increasing, and some excellent farmer markets dotted all around the UK; Gloucestershire, Canterbury and Hampshire to name a few! Even the main supermarkets are all now offering baked in store, speciality bread.

Sourdough now has such consumer appeal that some operators are utilising it into categories other than traditional bread loaves. Franco Manca (a pizza chain specialising in 20 hour sourdough pizza bases), has become much of a pizza craze in London with over 18 sites across London. Using a sourdough base as opposed to a standard dough gives their pizza crust a golden caramelised visual that has a super soft and very moreish texture. Perfect for dipping in their flavoured oils!

We recommend that any bread basket/board should be featuring a sourdough bread, whether it be a strong tangy San Francisco style sourdough, or a milder French version. Ask us about our wide selection of Sourdough breads.

Speciality and Authenticity - Not just a croissant…

Programmes like Great British Bake Off and its runaway success, have not only driven awareness around just how much hard slog goes into perfecting your pastry, they have also helped foster a resurgence in the ‘forgotten art’ of baking.Because of this, customers are more knowledgeable than ever and, as such, will be quick to vote with their feet if they feel the offering is sub-par.  

A principal supplier in France for almost a quarter of a century, with a reputation for unmatched quality, and innovation, Coup de pates has specialist bakeries dedicated to perfecting the art of the croissant.

Creating one from scratch can be painstaking and time consuming – each one has 36 individual layers! Our experienced chefs have put in the hard hours so you don’t have to. We also use authentic Beurre d’Isigny butter made in Isigny Ste Mere in France which has been  produced in the area since the 16th Century. It’s the result of a unique combination of factors: soft, damp soil; iodine and beta-carotene rich grass; and contented cows. All of these combine to create a delicious butter with a natural, golden colour and hints of hazelnut flavours.

Today’s customers crave provenance, simple little touches like mentioning this on menus can really help add a more premium price point and increased profits.